During the field trip some of our students used Zens to create sound-seeing tours of our experience. This was our first attempt at doing something like this so the results vary. Also, in some cases the presenters requested that we did not post their performance online. In those instances we needed to remove their pieces of the audio file. Listen, enjoy, and maybe next year we'll see you at Millfest!

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NOTE: We have had extreme difficulty with all of the free podcast hoting sites, therefore the links below are directly connected to the mp3s. You can either do a right click and choose to open in another tab and listen or you could right click and save as. We have chosen to leave the player up just in case it might start working in the near future.

Millfest - Story 2
Millfest - Basketweaving
Millfest - Pottery
Millfest - Music 1
Millfest - Wild Wild West

2nd Note: Podomatic is my savior!