What's up! My name is Olivia, and I'm here to talk to you about our field trip to MILLFEST in Lindsborg. It was a very short way to Lindsborg, It was probably because we were having so much fun! When we got there, each of the fifth grade classes, Mr. Kimmi, Mrs.Olson and Ms.Haden went to there stations.Mr.Kimmi's class went to story time, There they heard the stories called,My Toe,and Tails". Mrs.Olson's class went to the tractor station, while Ms.haden's went to the basket making group. Me I thought the best place we went to was the storie telling. I myself like that statoin because I'm always up for a good ghost storie once in a while.Though I thought there were a couple of places that needed some adjustments. Like the second station,most of my class said that was boring,and that they needed to involve more of the children.We went to the pottery sesion next,there we were shown how to make a bowl.We kept on going through stations for a little while.After we all finished the first 5 station's, we ate lunch. Although the food was kinda good, the wind was blowing it all away so it wasn't a very calm lunch. Finally everyone's best station, the GIFT SHOP! That was our last station of the day, and everyone sad to leave. On our way back to school we talked to our friends then we left for the day. Now I probably speak for eveyone when this....THAT WAS THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER.